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Terrorists hijack an airplane that is broadcasting a rock concert live on the Internet.
Even though I&#39;m not a fan of Goth rock, Gothic metal, nu-metal, or death/black rock, I see that the film was nice. I watched Turbulence and Turbulence 2: Fear of Flying. When I saw this film online, I watched and downloaded it.<br/><br/>In the film, I found something interesting. Slade Craven (John Mann), the Goth Rocker based on and inspired by Brian &quot;Marilyn Manson&quot; Warner, Dani Filth, and Trent Reznor was an AntiChrist by his song who later sees the light and embraces God by rescuing the passengers and crew from Simon Flanders (also played by Mann), the hijacker who impersonates him in order to take the plane under his control and also a member of a Satanic cult named &quot;Guardians of the Gateway&quot;. I don&#39;t know if he is played by Mann&#39;s stunt double during the hand to hand combat. He first eliminates Erica Black, the news anchor who is the high ranking member of the cult who masterminded the plot to crash the plane in a church in Stull, Kansas which they believe that it is where Satan resides. After a hand to hand fight with Simon and locking him in the first class cabin toilet, he rremoves his sign of the devil jewelry and prays to God for help. He then safely lands the plane without anyone hurt. That was good indeed.<br/><br/>This film is a must for lovers of aviation, martial arts, and rock music.
(***PARTIAL SPOILER***)<br/><br/>O.K., so the lead&#39;s catch phrase, &quot;let&#39;s do the hustle!&quot; sounds pretty silly coming from a goth rocker painted up like the professional wrestler Sting. :) And I have friends in Kansas… it&#39;s not such a bad place.<br/><br/>But I liked this movie! It was fun romp!<br/><br/>#1 - I am very squemish when it comes to blood and guts. I expected massive, ripping gunshot wounds with people&#39;s brains sprayed everywhere. I expected to be hiding behind pillows. The violence in this movie, to my eyes, is P.G. Yes people get shot, but they are fairly realistic, minimally sized, minimally bleeding wounds, and you see them and the camera moves on… no slow-mo, extreme close-ups. So be prepared to not be grossed out. :)<br/><br/>#2 - The plot is interesting enough to make this more than an action movie (action is not my favorite style). Although the basic story reworks a tried-and-true disaster movie formula, especially at the end, it has enough twists and turns to not only keep me interested, but a few times leave me hanging on the edge of my seat!<br/><br/>This is good, campy fun. It has the good guys working with the bad guys, the good guys turning out to be the bad guys, the bad guys coming back for more, and the good guys doing heroic things.<br/><br/>As far as the production of the movie goes, I thought it was pretty well done, the script holds together, the cinematography tells the story well enough, and the one place where a blatent mistake is made my a character (a door left unlocked), you see later that it was needed for the &quot;big finish.&quot;<br/><br/>It&#39;s on Cinemax in the month of March 2002… some late night, grab some friends and some popcorn and enjoy this entertaining story about a &quot;death metal&quot; (yeah right)performer&#39;s farewell concert a mile up the air… that almost becomes his last ANYTHING! It was certainly more believable and better produced than Snow Day! (Which is a fun movie but a horrible &amp; completely unbelievable production.)

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