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Marital suspicions lead a woman to accidentally kill her husband, but when his debt-ridden brother tries to step into his place, the Harts blow his cover and the widow may take her own revenge.
When marital woes cause an actress to accidentally shoot her husband the Harts investigate and find out that his death was planned for financial gain. Can Jonathan and Jennifer figure out the mystery before the widdle seeks revenge in her own way.
The episode starts out being quite scary. The main character, Mrs. Craddock, has had people try to break into the house, the alarm system doesn't work, she's terribly nervous, hears noises in the house - quite good. But the whole scene where she accidentally kills her husband is quite construed and implausible - in the typical Hart to Hart fashion. Take the following for example: The Hart's are visiting in the evening (it's dark). Mrs. Craddock is nervous, fears that a burglar might come, hears noises. So Jennifer tells her to spend the night at their house and accompanies her out of the room saying "Come, I'll go upstairs with you and help you pack". As soon as they're in the hallway, they meet the maid and Jennifer has obviously changed her mind on the spur of the moment, because now, after Mrs. Craddock tells the maid to go home because she'll be spending the night at the Hart's place, Jennifer says to the maid this time, "Come on, I'll help you close up." She's obviously forgotten that she wanted to help Mrs. Craddock get packed, and lets Mrs. Craddock go upstairs to pack all by herself. And then, this is great, while Mrs. Craddock is going upstairs, Jennifer walks with the maid across the hallway and turns off the light - this being the light that lights up the entire hallway and staircase up to the second floor where Mrs. Craddock is going at that moment. But nobody seems to be bothered by this. Mr. Hart has gone outside to look around and make sure everything is OK - he's not afraid of anything. So everything is all nicely set up. Everyone is off doing something and the lights in the hallway with the staircase are off. In the next scene we see Mrs. Craddock packing in her room upstairs. She puts a few things in her bag, leaves her room, leaves the light on in her room, closes the door and goes back to the staircase leading to the hallway, where Jennifer, as we remember, had turned the light off earlier. So now Mrs. Craddock can't see anything and is scared and hears noises. (There must be a light switch upstairs also, but she doesn't use it). So she goes back to her room in the dark, where she had conveniently left the light on earlier, to get her gun from the nightstand and go back to the staircase in the dark. Now she can only see the shadow of a person coming up the stairs in the dark and, because this person doesn't answer her calls, she shoots him. I'm not going to give any spoilers here, I just wanted to show, how this again is one of the typical Hart to Hart scenes, where the writers were obviously so desperate to create a certain set of circumstances and went to very weird efforts to get there, ending up with a set of rather far-fetched, construed circumstances. The rest of the episode has its far-fetched moments, but is all in all quite entertaining, and contains a few twists and turns, that will be more or less predictable for the viewers. The Harts of course help Mrs.Craddock after her husband's accidental death and clear everything up in the end. It's one of these episodes you love to watch after a stressy day at work and just want to relax and be entertained none too seriously.

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