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Brady is an airman shot down during World War II over the Hungarian Plateau who is hidden by the local people. They are ranchers, occupied by the Germans who speak very little English, thus most of the film is communicated by action. Brady and a boy from the village try to go by horseback across country and avoid the German patrols long enough to reach neutral territory.
This movie is about the love and protection of a man from another culture from the lowly horsemen of the plains in Hungary during World War II.
A beautiful movie, especially if you like horses,WWII films and the austere Hungarian Plateau.A story of courage, compassion and loyalty that transcends generations. The horsemanship is spectacular as well as the main characters&#39; horse in his own training.<br/><br/>I will buy this movie and watch it again. This is a family film and I recommend it highly.A good &#39;&#39;Family Nite&#39;&#39; movie. Although there are some violent scenes, it was the Nazi occupation of Hungary.The native people were very interesting in the way they stood their ground even in the face of certain death from a Nazi officer who had his own personal reasons for hunting down Brady.A hauntingly beautiful film.
Sad story of a downed B-17 pilot. Brady is shot down over occupied territory. The local ranchers extended him kindness and protection at the cost of their own lives. I had never heard of this movie and it snagged me for two hours. After the film is over, I&#39;m glad I took the time. It&#39;s an entire story told to explain the look on Brady&#39;s face at the start of the film.

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